If you are selling your home in the fall and winter, there are a few things you need to do in order to be successful. I have seven tips to share with you today.

1) Take photos of your home according to the season. Try to take pictures of your home while the trees are still full of leaves and color, before things start to look barren. If you miss that time frame and head into winter, make sure to take really clean landscape shots. If there is snow on the ground, take pictures after a fresh snow with clean driveways and walkways. If you take pictures at dusk when there is snow on the ground, those can be really beautiful. Don’t photograph your home on a blah day with gray skies and leaves all over the ground.

2) Go easy on the holiday decorations. We want you to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season with your family, but if your home is on the market, tone those decorations down. Keep things tasteful and minimal so they aren’t overbearing in photos or during showings.

3) Don’t forget about your curb appeal. Just because it’s winter and there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of curb appeal. If you have peeling paint, take care of that before it’s too cold. Replace that broken-down mailbox and fix your fence. All of those little things need to be addressed even if there is snow on the ground.

“Make sure your driveway and walkways are clear of ice and snow.”

4) Safety matters. When the snow or freezing rain comes down, it’s up to you to keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice. Your walkways need to be free and clear of anything that might cause people to slip and fall. After all, you are inviting people into your home to look at it and potentially buy it, so that is an open liability. If you think buyers may walk around out in the backyard on the patio, make sure that is free of snow and ice as well.

5) Invest in a good indoor mat. When people come inside your house, they will track snow, ice, water, and salt into your home. It can be difficult to ask people to remove their shoes in the winter since most of them are wearing boots, so have a mat or two ready for them to clean off their shoes.  

6) Keep the entryway of your home neat and clean. If your family usually dumps all of their shoes, coats, and backpacks in the entryway, consider moving them to the garage or get everything put away. Your entryway needs to be free and clear during showings. After all, buyers may want a place to hang their own coat while they look at your home.

7) Light up the home. Make sure your home is well-lit, especially if you have a showing after the sun goes down. Turn on all of the lights so that people can see the front door. Don’t leave buyers and agents fumbling for the light switch. Let them see a warm, inviting home while it’s dark outside.

If you have any other questions about putting your home on the market this time of year, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!