Here’s why this winter is a perfect time to sell your home.

After reviewing their home’s valuation, a client of mine recently asked me, “Don’t you think we should just wait to sell our property in the spring?” I said no, absolutely not. Unless you have a specific reason for waiting to sell until springtime 2021 or later, you shouldn’t miss out on our uniquely beneficial winter marketplace. Here are the four reasons why:

1. Buyers are more motivated. When your home’s on the market during the holidays or late into the winter season, the buyers you encounter are far more serious. These people are committed to finding and buying a home today—not wasting your time.

2. Less competition. Many people have the mindset that they should take their homes off the market during the winter, which results in less inventory in an already low-inventory market. You’ll face less competition from other sellers to get the attention of all the buyers out there fighting for homes. 

“If there’s nothing stopping you, make sure you get your home on the market now.”

3. The selling season starts on January 2. During Christmas and New Year’s, things tend to slow down (although some buyers are still out there looking), but once January 2 hits, the phones in our office start ringing off the hook. From that point onward, the busiest selling season lasts until the end of spring. 

4. You can show off your home’s unique features. Perhaps you have a nice fireplace you can light up when it starts to get dark, or a cozy living room people can envision their family spending time in as the snow falls, or fancy exterior lighting. Additionally, if your property’s landscaping isn’t exactly where it needs to be, a little snow cover will conveniently blanket any eyesores.  

Bonus reason: Low inventory. I already touched on this briefly, but this is the lowest inventory market I’ve ever seen. 

So long as there are no other major life factors stopping you, you’ll benefit greatly from putting your home on the market now. If you’d like help getting the process started or have any real estate questions I can answer, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.