“Only sell your home during the spring,” and, “Hold off until the market gets busier,” are just two examples of bad advice sellers usually get.

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Here are four of the worst pieces of advice that sellers sometimes get and actually believe in regard to selling their home:

1. “Only sell your home in the springtime.” While it’s true that spring is the busiest time to sell a home, it’s also the most competitive. You have to sell your home when you’re ready, and you have to listen to your real estate agent for advice on when the best time is to sell in your community. Real estate is microlocal, so you have to pay attention to the trends happening in your area. If you want to stand out, you might want to avoid selling during the busiest season. Remember—any time is a good time to sell just as long as you’re motivated, priced right, and ready to go to market.

2. “If the market’s slow, hold off until things get busier.” If you’re selling and buying and you wait until things are busier or when prices go up, your own purchase price will go up too. Again, only sell your home when you’re ready. Don’t wait for things to get busier or slower; take advantage of the marketplace as it is. If it’s not that busy, you’ll have an easier time finding what you want and you won’t face as much competition.


3. “Don’t stage or fix anything; let the buyers use their imaginations.” Most consumers don’t have an imagination. Real estate is an emotional business. When they walk into a home, consumers are either going to fall in love with a home or hate it. They’re going to know within seconds or minutes if it’s the home for them. Confer with your agent and prepare a plan to do all the right things that make the consumer fall in love with your home.

4. “Professional photography is not important.” On the contrary, photography is one of the most important things that your agent is going to do for your listing when it comes onto the market. People actually click past listings or decide to not even drive by them based on pictures they see online. Make sure you invest in professional photography and that your home is ready for it. Use that photography to capitalize on the ability to market your property online to as many people as possible.

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