If you’re thinking about purchasing a home, you’ll need to order a home inspection. I want to share four things you should know before starting that process.

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Today I want to share four things you need to know before you order a home inspection.

1. You get to choose the inspector. You’ll want to make sure they’re an NAHI certified home inspector, and you get can choose one either by looking at a list of local inspectors or by getting a referral, which is what I recommend. Also, don’t be afraid to compare prices and services different home inspectors offer.

2. Home inspections are not meant to point out cosmetic flaws. Many people will get hung up on a rip in a rug or a crack in the tile. Cosmetic repairs of that nature will be addressed by yourself and your agent, not by your home inspector.

3. A home inspection covers the basics. It will cover the condition of your systems, such as your HVAC, and structural issues of any kind. It will also cover any potential maintenance issues. You’re paying for the inspection, so make sure you follow along with the inspector and listen to everything they have to say.

4. The home inspector is not responsible for things they can’t see. For example, if you buy a home and there is an issue found behind the walls years later, the home inspector is not accountable for that. You need to be comfortable with the home inspection as a whole because there are going to be certain parts of the structure that just can’t be seen.


If you have any other questions about home inspections, or if you have any other real estate questions, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’m always happy to help!